The concept of Chosen Portrait was inspired by a mediocre painting of a cat.

Years ago, a couple of dear friends paid a pretty penny to memorialize their feline friend with a canvas portrait. When I saw the results, I was underwhelmed. I was certain that I could find a more affordable portrait service that delivered an impressive aesthetic.

What happened next? I decided I would bring the idea to life. I recruited a team of artists and was cast into the role of Van Gogh’s brother – empowering creative work and transforming the approachability of art by spearheading the business platform. With the help of today’s technology advancements, my role has many brothers… and sisters!

Chosen Portrait caters to every individual who wants to demonstrate their feelings toward loved ones or themselves through exemplary artistic expression.

Our team of talented, global artists is committed to helping individuals, families, and friends (even the furry ones) gain access to professional, digital artwork – capturing and delivering a futuristic version of portraiture by leveraging photos sent by our clients to craft original, hand-made masterpieces.

When you think art without limitations, think Chosen Portrait.

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